Von Hindenburg band

Von Hindenburg, (The Best Led Zeppelin Tribute Band) sent us back to the Good Times! After seeing live music Frequently (it’s my job) for longer than some of you been alive, you gain an additional perspective when you review a band. Luckily most of the artist’s I encounter are consistent with their style. Sure I have seen the S.O.S. on occasion, but that goes with the turf. Von Hindenburg is exceptional when you board your time machine and dial it back to the 1960’s. Simply stated “They are probably the best Led Zeppelin I’ve ever seen". It was definitely a Mind Blowing experience at The Last Concert Café.


Photo by Dr. Leland

Guitarist Andrew Cain

Andrew Cain

Guitar (Dresden Bombers, Horse, Vedge, HeadShop, Sofia) Photo: Randy Bessire

Drummer Steve Candelari

Steve Candelari

Drums, percussion (Fondu Monks, Dream Breakers, Beatle, Iron Skillet) Photo: Randy Bessire

Vocalist Gene Nunn

Gene Nunn

Vocals (Train Wreck) Photo: Randy Bessire

Bassist Dave Blassingame

Dave Blassingame

Bass, Harmonica, madolin, recorder, accoustic guitar (Fab 40) Photo: Randy Bessire